$23.98 Walmart US Robot Coupe
Trigger Seal KitFeaturesItem: Trigger Seal KitFits Brand: Robot Coupe
$23.99 GoVacuum.com iRobot
This charger is intended for use with the 14501 battery used in iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot Models 125, 135, 155. Excellent for use as a replacement or backup, a fully charged battery powers Looj through 150 linear feet of gutter.
$26.34 GoVacuum.com Robot Add-Ons
The name says it all. Robot add ons has turned your favorite roomba robotic vacuum into the ultimate germ killing, hard floor cleaning system. Starting with a high quality microfiber fabric which scientists have found to naturally remove over 97-percent of germs and bacteria, we then added the ultimate in disinfection, microban. Six times thicker than dry swiffer, you can now free your hard floor surfaces of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew and even flu virus. Simply remove your roomba brushes as if you were going to clean them and in seconds install robot add-ons germinator cleaning kit. Complete with mounting pad and eight long lasting cleaning pads, our germinator kit will provide the ultimate in home cleaning and germ protection.
$29.99 GoVacuum.com iRobot
The iRobot Scooba Virtual Wall creates a beam of infrared light that Scooba Floor Cleaning Robot will not cross. Use a Virtual Wall to block doorways and off-limit areas that you want Scooba to avoid. Requires 2 D batteries per unit (available separately)
$29.99 GoVacuum.com Scooba
IRobot Cleaning Head for Scooba Floor Cleaning Robot Item Number # 5928
$29.99 GoVacuum.com
I ROBOT 820243 KIT MANUTENZIONE SPAZZ-FILTRI X ROOMBA500Key Features Keeps Roomba running at peak performance Genuine iRobot replacement parts Description Is your Roomba not giving you the same results as when it was new? The 500 series Replenish Kit keeps your Roomba cleaning at peak performance by providing replacements for all of the commonly-worn parts in one kit. The elements of this kit are easy to in
$30.00 GoVacuum.com iRobot
The iRobot Scooba Storage Caddy allows you to conveniently store your Scooba Floor Cleaning Robot anywhere in your home, preventing it form being tripped over or stepped on. The caddy stores Scooba standing upright while protecting the floor beneath the r
$30.99 GoVacuum.com Roomba
Change the look of your iRobot Roomba 500 Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot to match your home decor. Faceplates easily snap on to all Roomba 500 Series models. WHAT’S IN THE BOX* 1 Silver Faceplate for Roomba 500 Series robot